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Global annual plastic production

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This quantity comes from a time series measurement and the most recent value (2010) is reported.


This is equivalent to...

(2.9 ± 0.4) × 108 t / yr

HuID: 25437
Relevant Year(s): 2010
Summary: Annual global plastic production. This is an estimate based on a material flow model.
Method: This value comes from a Materials, Inputs, Stocks, and Outputs (MISO) model of global material production and flows. Annual plastic production is calculated as the net addition to plastic stocks plus the annual waste and recycling. The uncertainty represents three standard deviations from the mean after running 1000 Monte Carlo simulations of the MISO model.
Source: Krausmann, F., Wiedenhofer, D., Lauk, C., Haas, W., Tanikawa, H., Fishman, T., Miatto, A., Schandl, H., Haberl, H. Global socioeconomic material stocks rise 23-fold over the 20th century and require half of annual resource use. PNAS (2017)
Dataset: Global annual plastic production (plastics_total_production.csv)
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