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This database is the product of many hours of human-mediated curation. Every entry in this resource has been examined by hand, requiring us to read each paper, make an assessment of its suitability for assigning an HuID, followed by exploration of the data, methods, and reporting of the value. Given the diversity of human impacts on the planet, this means it is a certainty that we have not generated an exhaustive list of quantities of interest.

This is where you come in! Did you find a number that you believe should be included as part of the database? We'd love to hear from you. Please enter your information into the form below and one of our website administrators will review the submission and get in contact with any further questions and/or a decision about its inclusion in the database.

Do you want to contact us, but not submit a number? Please send an email to and a member of our administrative staff will get in contact.

Note, your responses here are read by humans and it may take some time for us to get back to you. Please be patient and understanding of our process.

Title of the quantity you are proposing
Primary source where the data comes from. This could be a scientific paper (provide title, year, journal, and author list) or a link to an industry/government/inter-governmental database.
A description of the quantity, its measurement, and corresponding uncertainty. Please explain why you believe this quantity deserves to be assigned an HuID.