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Annual sediment mass produced via agricultural erosion


This quantity is a single measurement of the quantity at a given point in time (2015).


This is equivalent to...

≈ 2.43 (+0.53, -0.41) × 1010 tonnes / yr

≈ 24.3 (+5.3, -4.1) Pg / yr

HuID: 41496
Relevant Year(s): 2015
Summary: The estimated rate of erosion in 2015 from agricultural land including temporary crops, permanent crops, and managed pasture. We direct the reader to pg 21996 of the reference for more information about this quantity.
Method: This work reports the estimated erosion rate in 2015 and the predicted erosion rate in 2070 based on three different models of erosion progression. They use their models to make estimates for the values in 2015 and compare them to direct observations. In general, their estimates fall within reasonable agreement with direct measurements as well as with other modeling approaches from other works. Uncertainty represents the bounds of the 95% confidence interval of estimates produced via Markov chain Monte Carlo sampling.
Source: Borrelli, P., Robinson, D.A., Panagos, P., Lugato, E., Yang, J.E., Alewell, C., Wuepper, D., Montanarella, L., and Ballabio, C. Land use and climate change impacts on global soil erosion by water (2015-2070). PNAS (2020)
Dataset: Total and agricultural erosion rates estimated for 2015. (Borrelli2020_agricultural_erosion.csv)
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