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Atmospheric N2O concentration

Atmospheric & Biogeochemical CyclesNitrogen

This quantity comes from a time series measurement and the most recent value (2021) is reported.


This is equivalent to...

≈ 0.33 parts per million

≈ 3.34 × 10-7 mol N2O mol-1 air

HuID: 25529
Relevant Year(s): 2021
Summary: Globally-averaged, monthly mean atmospheric nitrous oxide (N2O) concentrations determined from a globally distributed network of air sampling sites from 2001-Present.
Method: The Global Monitoring Division of NOAA’s Earth System Research Laboratory has measured nitrous oxide since 1997 at a globally distributed network of air sampling sites. A global average is constructed by first smoothing the data for each site as a function of time, and then smoothed values for each site are fitted as a function of latitude at 48 equally-spaced time steps per year. Global means are calculated from the latitude fits at each time step. The 95% confidence interval is the uncertainty presented in the time series.
Source: NOAA ESRL Global Monitoring Laboratory Trends in Nitrous Oxide. (2021)
Dataset: Globally-averaged, monthly mean atmospheric N2O concentrations (monthly_global_n2o_data_processed.csv)
global resolution
Original Data License: NOAA Public Domain Share Alike
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