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Nitrogen emissions from farmed bivalve production

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This quantity is a single measurement of the quantity at a given point in time (2021).


This is equivalent to...

≈ -0.15 - -0.1 kg N /kg

HuID: 23066
Relevant Year(s): 2021
Summary: The amount of nitrogen emissions from farmed bivalves. Bivalves are not fed and instead remove nitrogen from the waters, resulting in a negative value for nitrogen emissions.
Method: This value comes from a compilation of life cycle analysis studies. They used hierarchical Bayesian modeling to estimate both off-farm and on-farm stressors at the species level and used global production values to obtain means for taxonomic groups. The upper and lower bounds reported represent 50% of the width of the distribution of the parameter obtained from Bayesian modeling.
Source: Gephart, J.A., et al. Environmental performance of blue foods. Nature (2021)
Dataset: Estimated environmental stressors for various aquatic foods (Gephart2021_fig_1_data.csv)
global resolution
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