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CO2 emissions of light-duty vehicles in the United States

Atmospheric & Biogeochemical CyclesCarbon Dioxide

This quantity comes from a time series measurement and the most recent value (2020) is reported.


This is equivalent to...

≈ 210 g CO2 / km

≈ 340 g CO2/ mi

HuID: 21001
Relevant Year(s): 2020
Summary: Carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions of new personal light-duty vehicles (i.e., cars) in the United States. All data are based on production volumes delivered for sale in the U.S. by model year, and may vary from publicized data based on calendar year sales. Data are reported as fleetwide averages, reflecting arithmetic production-weighted averages of individual CO2 emissions values.
Method: CO2 emissions are measured using laboratory tests to capture a wide range of operating conditions (including hot and cold weather, higher speeds, and faster accelerations) encountered by an average driver. This set of tests is referred to as “5-cycle” testing. City and highway results are weighted 43% city and 57% highway, consistent with fleetwide driver activity data. The city and highway values are the same values found on new vehicle fuel economy labels, however the label combined value is weighted 55% city and 45% highway.
Source: United States Environmental Protection Agency 2020 EPA Automotive Trends Report. (2020)
Dataset: US Automotive Trends (tidy_automotive_trends.csv)
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