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CH4 emissions from rice paddies

Atmospheric & Biogeochemical CyclesGreenhouse Gases

This quantity comes from a time series measurement and the most recent value (2018) is reported.

Value: ≈ 2.5 × 1010 kg CH4 / yr
HuID: 14300
Relevant Year(s): 2018
Summary: Methane (CH4) emissions from rice paddies come from the anaerobic decomposition that occurs in flooded fields.
Method: GHG emissions are provided by country, regions and special groups, with global coverage. The FAO does not provide an assessment of uncertainty, thus we present this value as approximate.
Source: FAO (Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations) Rice Cultivation. (2020)
Dataset: Methane emissions from rice cultivation (FAOSTAT_methane_rice_emissions.csv)
global resolution
Original Data License: CC-BY-NC-SA IGO 3.0 (FAO Modified)
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